Skincare Innovation: Multi-treatment for smooth, plump, radiant skin & proven long-lasting hydration of more than 8 hours 

The Lotus Flower (Nelumbo Nucifera)

It has been used since Antiquity for its medicinal properties. The seeds and the Lotus flower are rich in phenols with powerful Anti-Oxidant virtues, thus fighting against premature aging. 
Moisturizing and soothing, this flower is also brightening and
protects from UV rays. It illuminates the complexion with a touch of radiance and purity.

The Korean Laboratory of the University of Inje * demonstrated that the flower extract has a whitening effect (50%) and inhibits elastase (54%), hence an anti-wrinkle action (adenosine, highly sought after for its global action against aging of the skin, obtains only 26%).
(* Tested by Dr Kim Tagon, Hee Jin Kim etc. published in February 2011)

Jeju Island Volcanic Water, Full of Oxygen :

In South Korea, this volcanic island is considered a treasure of Nature and the marine world.

The water is obtained by a patented technology (Patent No .: 10-0948813 High thickness Oxygen Melting Technology) from water from Jeju Island, which is very rich in oxygen (> 120 ppm).  

It facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients and acts in synergy with the Lotus flower for optimal hydration of the skin: clinical tests have shown an always higher hydration rate after 8 hours of application (*In / vivo test carried out by corneometry on 10 women with dry and very dry skin).