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ELLE - June 2018

"This felt subtly intensifies the drawing of the eyebrows, but, above all, its self-tanner formula prints it for three days, you can now relax at the beach ..."


Oui magazine - SSeptember / November 2018

WE love 

"At the same time restructuring and stimulating the growth and waterproof make-up, this smart tube with a double end (felt and brush) draw, trace and fills the sparse zones."


COSMOPOLITAN - February 2018

Long lasting felt 

"Diluted pigments + self-tanner + fixator = a make-up care Brow Plume Perfection, Mi-rê, 47 €, Monop Beauty."


Marie ClaireJanuary 2018

Focus on the eyebrows

 "The feather tip of this formula colors with a self-tanning agent to renew according to the desired shade. The brush tip fixes, protects the hairs and nourishes them. Brow Plume Perfection by Mi-Rê."




Glamour - January 2018

"Tattoo bon"

"A clever gesture from Korea to redefine and densify the eyebrows. In the evening, draw your ideal line with the tinted felt-tip saturated with DHA (this active ingredient found in self-tanners), then remove any excess material to water the next day. Like a temporary tattoo, the result lasts two to three days, especially if you discipline the hairs with the nutrient-reinforced mascara-care. ”- Glamor


Madame Figaro - June 2016 


"Pour a maquillage bonne mine easy à réuiffr, we adopte the Dual Contour Nova® Blush & Highand "light", tooer Nacré Mi-Rê. Swe have big comme a mouchoir de poche possède dthem compartiments délivrant un blush whose teipink nte-apricot conlifent à toutes, and I'autre un enlumipowdered neur à the textuunpublished, compact and marrowuse, à applieder at doigt for sublimer thes zones Postal Codetent la lumière, be the frhave, the dessous of l'arcade eyebrowière et larêyou do notz. Of formules riches en pigments and enhowlesvégétales (fleur of lotus, musky rosee, wex de mto thatdamia and pépins of raisin), pourunanduble touche finale au resultat bluffant. "

Maxi - December 2017

A new beautifier for eyebrows

"Both make-up and skincare product, this new beauty accessory will enchant you thanks to its double tip. On the one hand, a long-lasting and waterproof felt that draws the eyebrows to perfection by filling in sparse areas, all by adding a restructuring treatment that reinforces hair regrowth. On the other side, an inclined brush that densifies them while providing a nice volume. Who says better? Brow Plume Perfection by Mi-Re. "

TOP HEALTH - January 2018 

A smart tool for well-drawn eyebrows 

"What are its strengths? 

Elizabeth Trémosa, founder of the Mi-rê brand 

Brow Plume Perfection is a revolutionary 2 nd, 1 hybrid product: a dual-ended skin care and makeup tool to outline and strengthen marigolds. On the one hand, it's a self-tanning marker, with a feather tip, on the other, an eyebrow mascara. Everything is waterproof, with a natural tattoo effect that lasts three to five days.

What are its ingredients? 

The felt tip contains a restructuring treatment enriched with a complex of 17 Korean nutrients with protective and nourishing properties. This formula will prevent hair loss and stimulate regrowth. DHA (hydroxyacetone) on the surface to fill the sparse areas of the eyebrow. The Browscara is enriched with Cera Complex, which combines honey and ceramide for their protective and fortifying action. 

Who is it for?

For women, who want to touch up their eyebrows, "pros" or novices, because this product is easy to use. But also to those who want a multifunction product, both makeup and care, to fill sparse eyebrows, too plucked and who do not have time to retouch them every morning. " 



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