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Cushion + Blush Highlighter


Luminous and sculpted face in five minutes flat.

After applying Bibi Nova which replaces BB cream, foundation, concealer, powder and make-up base. The Blush will give a beautiful complexion that exudes freshness with a Rose-Apricot shade that suits everyone.
With the powder puff that loads itself into powder, the blush will harmonize all the makeup. The flaws diminish, the assets are highlighted, the whole face lights up with a new radiance.

This kit contains everything you need for a fresh and radiant complexion in the blink of an eye.

The kit contains :

- 1 make-up bag
- 1 ready-to-use cushion box 
- 1 Dual Contour Nova Blush & Pearl Highlighter


COLORS: 00 Light Rosé + pearly blush


Innovation Makeup: a perfect complexion, luminous and natural

All in one, Bibi Nova replaces BB cream, foundation, concealer, powder and makeup base. It perfectly covers blemishes, evens out skin tone, beautifies and protects the skin without suffocating it.

Presented in a revolutionary packaging, Cushion Technology makes the product nomadic and flexible to your liking.
An impalpable and natural result but capable of being just as covering and matte, allowing the skin to breathe thanks to its airy texture, “powder-liquid” with an SPF 50 PA +++. 

In a single step, it sublimates the face by creating a perfect, even, luminous and fresh complexion: a bluffing and long-lasting corrector-perfector. 
A long-lasting velvety finish, silky skin with a capacity of 20g, the most generous on the market! 

BiBi Nova refill: Always ready for an express touch-up, the case is eco-responsible and economical, the refill can be changed very easily and occasionally allows you to change color. 

BiBi NOVA has been awarded in 2016 
by the Prix Espoir de Beauté Stars Madame Figaro, a trophy with the most beautiful cosmetic innovation.


• For a Nude makeup: slide outward in one layer.

• For sophisticated makeup: dab the whole face in second layer

Make a retuexpress at any time of the day thanks to his waterproof powder compact with a mirror.

How to achieve a sculpted face with a perfect and luminous complexion?

Step 1. Have a uniform tincture:
                 - Apply your BiBi NOVA. The ideal is to use two shades lighter for the center of the face and a darker 
                   for the contour of the face.
Step 2. Redraw the facial features with Dual Contour NOVA “Contouring”:
                 - Tap with the puff, starting at the temples, the hollows of the cheeks, 
                   end with the jaw towards the chin. 
Step 3. Enhances the volume of the face with Dual Contour NOVA "Highlighter Pearl or Gold" 
                    to bring light. Apply with your finger on areas that catch light.
Step 4. Harmonize the complexion with Dual Contour NOVA “Blush” to give a good Rose-Apricot complexion:
                   - Gently tap the top of the cheekbones using the puff. Fade slowly.

Skincare Innovation: Multi-treatment for smooth, plump, radiant skin & proven long-lasting hydration of more than 8 hours 

The Lotus Flower (Nelumbo Nucifera)

It has been used since Antiquity for its medicinal properties. The seeds and the Lotus flower are rich in phenols with powerful Anti-Oxidant virtues, thus fighting against premature aging. 
Moisturizing and soothing, this flower is also brightening and
protects from UV rays. It illuminates the complexion with a touch of radiance and purity.

The Korean Laboratory of the University of Inje * demonstrated that the flower extract has a whitening effect (50%) and inhibits elastase (54%), hence an anti-wrinkle action (adenosine, highly sought after for its global action against aging of the skin, obtains only 26%).
(* Tested by Dr Kim Tagon, Hee Jin Kim etc. published in February 2011)

Jeju Island Volcanic Water, Full of Oxygen :

In South Korea, this volcanic island is considered a treasure of Nature and the marine world.

The water is obtained by a patented technology (Patent No .: 10-0948813 High thickness Oxygen Melting Technology) from water from Jeju Island, which is very rich in oxygen (> 120 ppm).  

It facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients and acts in synergy with the Lotus flower for optimal hydration of the skin: clinical tests have shown an always higher hydration rate after 8 hours of application (*In / vivo test carried out by corneometry on 10 women with dry and very dry skin).

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